One solution fits all

HDS strongly believes that since every agency is unique that there is not one single solution for every enterprise.  There can be a common core set of the framework but the solutions to solve agency problems are unique.  There is not one single technical solution that solves every agency problem, nor should an agency build their compliance or even a security framework on a proprietary solution.  The agency should have the ability to substitute security solutions when needed without significant disruption in the agency’s business.  This is another testimonial as to why HDS is a vendor neutral consultancy.

Depth of Expertise

HDS’ s senior management team has a collective 80 years of experience in delivering security solutions to the federal government.  Our collective experience brings the discipline and dedication to solve very complex problems in short order.

Our technical staff comprises some of the best security professionals the industry has to offer.  Our professionals keep pace with a rapidly changing threat environment as sophisticated cyber actors target individual government agencies.  It is critical that agencies have not only cutting-edge talent but the ability to analyze and action intelligence specific to agency threats.  Once again, HDS offers proven integration solutions to protect your infrastructure.

HDS also offers ongoing training and knowledge management solutions from all of our experts.  We do not stovepipe information, rather, we share our collective threat management techniques and lessons learned.  This means that your agency benefits from zero-day threat knowledge from across our company’s vast experience.  It is your enterprise, are here to ensure that you are agency is green on the scorecard and stays there.

Effective Solutions

Our team of proven security experts can augment your technical staff or help you build from the ground up.  Some of the many capabilities HDS can provide are:

  • Creating, expanding or consolidating physical and logical designs.

  • Consulting on team structures and recommending industry proven staffing models.

  • Creating and documenting processes to streamline operations and incident response

  • Creation or memorializing the policy to help streamline operations

  • Expand operations support and sustainment

  • Enhancement of operations and transition to the client for cell sustainment

Some of the client specific problems that HDS can assist with:


Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)

Authority to Operate (ATO) is not your only concern.

The law was created to increase agencies security posture and to establish ascetic criteria for agencies security compliance.  HDS can not only help your agency meet FISMA requirements but help your agency to develop sustainable processes to maintain valuable certification and accreditation documents.    HDS will help you in building your repository but more importantly, to maintain the repository on your own, if you so choose.  We are committed always to provide you the option of transition and not building “empires” as many other companies in our industry. 

If your agency needs help with a POAM, HDS can help develop the plan and help you execute the complex technical web of solutions that are needed.  As an example, HDS Is can help with a full circle suite of solutions that cover FIPS 199 and FIPS 200 controls along with numerous technical solutions as well.  This means that you can reach to a single company for an integrated approach that reduces cost and ensures success.



HDS can help you develop a sustainable C & A program that adheres to DOD requirements.  Similar to civilian agencies, the DOD is committed to NIST 800-53.  The commitment to standard guidance allows you to leverage an invaluable set of lessons learned from HDS.  As control guidance is released from DOD, HDS will be right there to support your agency’s integration of controls and technical solutions.  Beyond a bunch of buzzwords, HDS has a long history of providing mission assurance in a litany of solutions.  Your agency should decide your risk management framework and HDS can help you design that framework with guidance from FIPS 199/200, NIST 800-37, and both R3 and R4 NIST 800-53.